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School and Education Facility

School and Education Facility Sustainable and High Performance Engineering Design

High Performance School and Education Facility

  1. Design that builds positive interaction between the teacher and the student
  2. Design that may answer future challenges
  3. Care towards world challenges of education and lack of funds

Design Philosophy

Years after years, the world challenge of education always increases. One of the challenges that we face is that many of the children in the world who cannot afford basic education. Other challenges that many of the school building and education facility have facilities that are below standards. Aside from that, progressive countries have a changing method and curriculum of teaching. With that in mind, criteria in design of facility, technology, and school environment may also change.

School that has a high performance is a school building and school facilities that is cost efficient in building, operational and maintenance. The approach with high performance design of an education building is to create a building that builds the involvement of the teacher and student that can achieve quality graduates. That can help education institution to receive new students that is quality to maintain student and teacher loyalty.

ALTA Integra have care towards the progress of education. We work together with a high understanding to solve the challenges and the needs of the education institution. We make school designs with high performance that considers the limitations of budget. Or alternatively make a design of a school that answers the challenges of future of education.

Design Philosophy of ALTA Integra is to integrate engineering design with elements of education to create a continuous education facility .

Engineering Consultant Service

We have many services of engineering consultation starting from the pre-design phase until retention. We have worked together with many architects, technical consultants, developers and operators from across the world in building an education facility with various shapes and sizes.

We serve various consultation engineering services starting from noise control consultations so that teaching process is more productive, Day lighting design to increase the concentration and studies of the students. Architectural Acoustic to increase the quality of Music Classrooms. Until total integration engineering design that combines all elements of engineering to get a productive learning facility.

  1. Architectural Acoustics Design
  2. Architectural Acoustics Measurement
  3. Noise Control Design
  4. Noise Control Measurement
  5. Lighting and Daylighting Design
  6. Building Thermal Performance and Ventilation Design
  7. Green Building Design and Certification

Project Portfolio Education

  • Total Integration Engineering Design Canisius College Jakarta


Please contact us for consultations:

ALTA Integra

Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 2 R – S
Jakarta Pusat, 10210
Telp: 021 3513351
Fax: 021 3458143

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