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Government's Tebengang Multifunction Hall, Kabupaten Malinau

Government's Tebengang Multifunction Hall

Malinau area is a district in East Kalimantan which is rich in coal. The Bupati of Malinau has a strong desire for regional development. He made several regional development plans ranging from road repairs, construction of public facilities and procurement of modern equipment. In addition, he also did not neglect the fulfillment of the acoustic quality factor in its development.

Project Highlight

When used as an important government event, the room cannot provide sufficient clarity so that everyone present can hear clearly what is being discussed.
When the room is used for celebrations or traditional ceremonies, the audience has difficulty following the course of the event and also the sound of the music playing in the room sounds frenetic.
When the room is used for music or dance rehearsals held by the Ministry of Culture, it is very difficult for the trainees to concentrate and practice because they cannot hear the instructions from the trainer while the music is also loud.

Premium Experience

So far, Malinau residents have used the ballroom/multipurpose hall called “Tebengang” which is located at the Malinau sub-district office. However, users often make complaints in the form of echoes and echoes that occur in the room when used. Mr. Daniel Trimanto as a technical consultant trusted by the regent was ordered to find a solution to the problem. After conducting a comparative study between several acoustic consultants in Jakarta, they chose ALTA Integra to use Acourete’s product to solve their problem.

Flexible, future-proof design

As initial data, we analyzed and measured several acoustic properties of the room. After that we analyzed the structure of the building construction and the layout of the room. Here is a picture of the room before the acoustic treatment. We can see from the photo that almost all surfaces in the room are hard surfaces that reflect sound.




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