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The Audiovisual Communication and Media Technology Consultants in Delivering High Performance Systems

Audiovisual system is one of the key components in the Education, Business, and Houses of Worship ecosystem. In this digital era, when there is a need to convey information in one direction, two directions communication, or work with several people at once, the presence of an audiovisual system is a must. It explains why human dependences on technology and audiovisual performance is getting bigger.

At this time, improving performance, audiovisual technology, and the ecosystem are one of the success factors for business, education, entertainment, and services. Therefore, all audiovisual activists are competing to improve their technology, performance, and ecosystem of audiovisual devices.

The audiovisual consultant helps the owner to analyze the requirements and design the audiovisual systems, determine the right product complies with the requirements, assist in an effective and transparent procurement process, oversee the installation process, and verify final testing of the functions, and features and final performance of the installed system.

In this article, we intend to explain how we, ALTA Integra, as an audiovisual consultant, assist the owner in the process:

  1. Understand the needs of the owners, operators, and audiences
  2. Determine audiovisual performance target
  3. Designing the system design concept
  4. Calculate the estimated budget
  5. Producing tender documents
  6. Assist in the construction phase
  7. Testing and evaluation of installation work

Understand the needs of the owner, operator, and audience

In most cases, the owner or operator has had an impressive audiovisual experience and wants to bring that experience to the audience. However, sometimes the installed audiovisual system is not good as expected. For some reasons, it can be happend because not all audiovisual suppliers are patient to listen to the owner’s needs. Some of them are more focused on explaining the greatness of their products.

Determining audiovisual performance

The task of the audiovisual media design system consultant is to listen and understand the needs of the owners and operators, starting from the activities carried out, operational habits, limitations, and others. From the information obtained, the consultant will determine the audiovisual performance according to the standard or the best experiences.


Figure 1. Subjective and objective evaluation of two video display products in real locations

Design system design concept

In designing the concept, the consultant has to integrate products and specifications so that the system can provide the expected performance. Sometimes, asking an audio supplier to formulate an audiovisual design concept does not produce an effective concept suitable with the owner’s budget. Independent consultants can determine the appropriate product and specifications without the obligation to sell a particular brand.

Calculating budget estimates

The consultant then calculates the estimated budget. If needed, the consultant will help to analyze the return on investment and compare the investment with added value and system age. A high investment can provide more added value in terms of performance, operation, and service life. The consultants can also evaluate the performance of the onsite demo before making a decision.


Figure 2. Evaluating the contrast ratio performance of the projector product to ambient light onsite


Producing tender documents

After the owner makes a design concept and budget decision, the consultant continues with producing tender documents, such as drawings for bidding, work plans and requirements (TOR), and Bill of Quantity (BQ) (only if the appointment of a contractor is through a bid process). It is also possible for the owner to directly appoint an installation contractor without going through a bid process, then the consultant will produce construction drawing documents, and so on.

Helping the construction phase

In the construction phase, unexpected obstacles often appear onsite, for instance the products are difficult to be obtained or the design changes along with changes in other design disciplines. The consultant has to study the impact of changes and adjust the system design and drawings.


Figure 3. Discuss changes to construction drawings in the field


Testing and evaluation of installation work

The final task is to carry out a testing and evaluation of the installation by the selected audiovisual contractor. Then, they should provide suggestions for improvement if the performance does not comply with the target.


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