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ALTA Integra is Proud to Present Our Latest Collaboration of Acoustic And Lighting for US Financial Office In Jakarta

US Financial Office

Work Station. Modern work environments are increasingly tending towards the open-plan office to build the relationship between employees closer so that collaboration can increase. However, the number one dissatisfaction of open-plan offices is the lack of acoustic privacy and noise from another workstation. So together with the client and interior designer, we make an acoustic zoning plan. Therefore, to improve acoustic privacy between two acoustic zones we applied acoustic screens. Between adjacent workstations, we designed an acoustic cloud to reduce background noise and improve acoustic privacy between workstations. We designed lighting based on the human circadian rhythm system to increase productivity, health, and well-being. The lighting level in workstations will be adjusted based on lighting conditions in outdoor areas by using a daylight sensor with UGR <19. Daylight sensor-controlled DALI lighting system ensures saves energy costs. We applied the suspended luminaires with a combination of direct and indirect lighting. In certain common areas, decorative pendant luminaires have been installed to liven up the room and targetable spotlights to deliver visual structure and set accents. Both acoustic and lighting systems comply with WELL Building Standards.

Premium Experience

TOWN-HALL AND WORK CAFE. Versatile areas need to be designed by several scenarios and functions. The work café can turn into a town hall by adjusting room layout and lighting scenarios by lighting control system. Work café is where anyone can stop and work with a laptop and enjoy a formal or informal work environment. These scenarios will be adjusted based on the event being held, such as gathering, internal meeting, and music studio. FOCUS ROOM. The focus room intends to have a quiet and low level of background noise (35 dBA) for concentration and privacy by using acoustic absorber.

Flexible, future-proof design

HUDDLE and MEETING ROOM We designed huddle and meeting rooms by considering the acoustic performance and lighting control system. The acoustic requirements are background noise of 40 dBA and reverberation time of 0.3-0.4s. The huddle and meeting rooms were equipped with a perfect acoustic absorber to increase confidential level and lighting control system adjusted to various scenarios such as general meeting, telepresence, and multimedia. These rooms are also equipped with a presence sensor to reduce contact touch.




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