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ISO 14001 system certification is the international environment standard for product manufacturing. It recommends certain level of noise in the manufacturing area. National Institute Occupant Safety Health – NIOSH recommend several strategy to protect worker from the negative effect of noise.

Our noise control design team can study your noise problem and recommend the best design strategy to reduce the adverse negative effects of such noise that reduce health and work productivity.

Factories & Mining

We help you identify the noise reduction required and provide comparison of noise reduction performance with different strategies such as industrial acoustic enclosures, noise barriers, industrial sound-absorbing panels, vibration control to find out the optimum performance to cost noise ration. 

We provide you with design measures to mitigate the manufacturing noise emissions of your equipment to the nearby noise sensitive area to meet the local authority noise regulation.

To meet Health Safety Environment (HSE) noise level criteria, we provide technical and non-technical solution to improve worker health and productivity.

Construction Noise

We provide you with accurate measurable noise barrier design to isolate the construction noise emissions to the nearby noise sensitive areas, such as residential, office, hospital or education areas.