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The most problematic issue in hotel and apartment buildings is noise. As rooms in those buildings are often separated by only walls with their adjacent rooms, the noise coming from neighbors can be considerably high

Moreover, hotels and apartments located in the city centers may be exposed to noise pollution.

Complaints about vibration may arise for the buildings that are fairly close to the subway or railway lines.

Beside it is disruptive to human comfort, noise pollution can induce various adverse effects on human health, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and even heart disease.

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We understand that you want to provide the best spaces to your hotel guests or the apartment residents. We are here to help you deliver this goal.

When your property is exceptionally well-known has the best acoustic performance in town, it will get a good reputation and stand out with other buildings in the vicinity.

Home Entertainment

Sound reproduction rooms need a natural acoustic ambient while integrating seamlessly with the interior design and AV technology to create a personal statement of the owner.

Excellent acoustics in the control rooms of music-movie-TV studios will improve sound production quality. Meanwhile, in home theaters and private listening music rooms, excellent acoustics will give real sound experience.

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