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Total Building Noise Control

We analyze and recommend Total Building Noise Control designs to control the sound and protect the occupant comfort as follow

  • Environment Noise: Traffic, Airplane, Community
  • MEP Noise: Motors, HVAC, Plumbing
  • Structure: Façade, Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Void

In case of noise radiation from vibration we give you the design recommendation to reduce structural vibration levels and isolate vibration-sensitive equipment.

Building MEP Noise

We also work closely with MEP Consultant,  building service engineers in assessing sound-sensitive environments to minimize noise intrusion from heating, ventilation, and cooling equipment.

Acoustic Design. Kino Tower Alam Sutera || Architect  Arsita Intikreasi


Create excellent speech intelligibility and acoustic privacy are the most common challenge in nowadays working and learning spaces.

Those two aspects are crucial to boost employees’ productivity and improve their well-being.

Acoustic Audiovisual Design. DBS Bank Capital Place || Design Interior CDA International

Desain Pencahayaan Audiovisual Akustik || Bursa Efek Indonesia

Desain Pencahayaan Audiovisual Akustik. Klub Eksekutif Mandiri  || Arsitek  Studio Transintrasia

Desain Pencahayaan Audiovisual Akustik. Bank Mandiri || Arsitek  Studio-T Transintrasi


Moreover, modern learning technology such as multimedia presentations, video conferences, and collaborative learning, have to meet a specific acoustic requirement to perform at its best.

Design an integrative acoustic element that function not just for sound quality but improve light quality, air quality and architectural beauty is our specialty

Acoustic Audiovisual Design. Multimedia Room Canisius College

Acoustic Audiovisual Lighting Design. Mandiri University || Architect Duta Cermat Mandiri