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In urban planning, the urban noise strategic plan is a priority that needs to be carefully devised by urban managers and planners.

Good knowledge of the prediction of noise pollution exposure and its relationship with street distribution, urban densities, and other factors has been helping engineers to design the most human-friendly cities worldwide.

The prediction also helps establish a wildlife-friendly framework towards creating more sustainable urbanism.

With our expertise, we help you predict noise distribution both in the temporal and spatial point of view by using our advanced data measurement technology and computer modeling software.

Our evaluation method starts with the measurement process to identify the distribution of noise exposure in the existing infrastructures.

The analysis is subsequently undertaken by using a computerized model processed by an acoustic software that is of the highest quality.

The right mitigation strategies are then proposed and supported by clear visualization of noise mapping.

Land Transportation

Cars,  Bikes,  Trucks and Trains create traffic air-borne noise and vibration noise emissions which are extremely disruptive for urban citizens. 

Especially those in the residential areas and other sound-sensitive environments, such as hospitals and schools.

Hence, the evaluation to mitigate the noise and vibration is necessary.


We provide you advanced acoustic evaluation services to measure, calculate, and analyze the aircraft noise emission in your airport and its vicinity. Our measurements are supported by the latest measurement technology and highly reliable data recording functions.

We use computer modeling software that has been trusted by thousands of acousticians, engineers, and other professionals to accurately predict real-world acoustics. Also, we also use well-recognized international standards, like ISO.

This evaluation helps you predict which areas are susceptible to the high noise exposure levels and further provide you the most possible actions to tackle the issue. Thus, it reduces changes–that are time-consuming and costly–when the action has been deployed.

Real Time Monitoring City Noise Mapping System

For Smart Cities Development we provide a service to design a real-time noise map system.

The system can be available online and disseminated to the public in a clear and comprehensible way to inform people of the current update.

It is also able to generate a noise map history for a certain period. This data can be analyzed to develop a smart cities grand strategic design and regulation.