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What is ALTA Integra?

ALTA integra is an independent firm of Architects, Artists, Planner, Designers, Engineers and Technical specialists of consultation services.

Why ALTA Integra?

Integrating Architectural with Building Physics for Acoustics Lighting Thermal Comfort and Sustainable Design.

Latest Project

The Church of Theresia is doing a big renovation in efforts of doing a building maintenance. Aside from that, The church of theresia is doing an acoustic treatment and want to fix audio quality for the mass. With the available audio equipments,  The Church of Theresia wants to elevate the sound comfort so that the people can follow the mass more fervently. Readmore
August 2013 period ago, Mr. Manoj Punjabi discus the needs of about building one of the best studios in Indonesia that is going to be placed in a new building. There's a criteria of a good studio that is wanted by him surrounding the work of sound insulation, acoustic room treatment and interior design of that said space. Readmore
In the middle of 2013, owner of Nebula Club is planning to build the Nebula Club that is located in the Blitz area of Central Park Mall located in Western Jakarta. The subwoofer of Nebula Club portrays a risk of noise leakage that will affect the activity in the blitz area. To prevent this from happening, the owner of  Nebula Club contacted us to become the noise control consultant in this project. We quickly address the request and visit the project site and discus with the involving parties. Next step by Nebula Club is to do a noise control consultation. Readmore
Park Royal is a brand of operator htel chain under Pan Pacific Hotel Gorup. Pan Pacific Hotel Group is a child corporation under UOL Group Limited Singapore. UOL is one of the biggest company of hotel chain and property development in Singapore that there is no questioning their reputation.Readmore
There's a ballroom and nine meeting rooms in Park Royal Hotel that is receiving Architectural Acoustics Consultation. They want to achieve the maximum acoustic quality. Target that is set in the meeting room is about 75 SPC. SPC is an abrieviation for Speech Privacy Class which is defined from the amount of  noise level on the position of  the hole leakage that is potential from outside the room. Aside from SPC it is also targetted that the STI (Speech Transmission Index) and C80 (music sound quality) so that the ballroom and meeting room can function well for speech  but also for music.Readmore


About Us

ALTA is an abbreviation of Acoustics Lighting Thermal Architecture.

Our vision is " to be a world class integrated consultant". One of our missions isto apply the working standards of international consultations in Indonesia.The design approach of ALTA Integra is tocreate, elevate, and modify architecture plan to reach superior performance, productive, comfortable, and energy conservative with a scientific approach and aesthetics.


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